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Mountainflyers is the first helicopter flight school offering training on an EASA qualified VR simulator

The in Berne, Switzerland, located helicopter flight school Mountainflyers is the world’s first training organisation operating a VR training device qualified by an aviation authority. Rated pilots and flight students profit from a state-of the-art Robinson R22 Simulator developed and built by Loft Dynamics (formerly VRM Switzerland). This enables to execute credited training toward licences and to improve pilot competencies on a safe and affordable base.

From basic training to demanding scenario-based exercises

Student pilots can practice on the simulator all manoeuvres to achieve a private pilot or commercial pilot licence. Presently five hours are credited towards the PPL(H) and ten hours towards the CPL(H). The simulator offers a wide range of training options, which can be adapted to the individual needs of the pilot. A major advantage of simulators is the ability to train procedures and situations, which cannot or only limited be trained in the real helicopter. Mountainflyers addresses this topic in the “train untrained emergency situations” module.

We offer safety courses and tailored programs for student pilots and rated pilots to improve safety even more.

Christoph Graf

CEO and owner of Mountainflyers

A milestone in aviation for a future-oriented concept

“With this device students and licensed pilots can learn and practice manoeuvres realistically for the first time. It is a milestone in aviation having qualified a VR training device for a customer. Besides developing and building simulators, Loft Dynamics is a qualified Flight Simulator Training Organisation  to support our customers to operate their VR simulators” pronounces Fabi Riesen, CEO of Loft Dynamics.

“We appreciate the service of Loft Dynamics to take over all the operational requirement to operate our simulator. This enables us to focus on our core competencies to train pilots and to operate helicopters in different fields of operation”, Graf points out.

Cutting-edge technology to improve flight safety

The sophisticated overall system creates a full‐body immersion. This gives the pilot the feeling of being in a real helicopter. A unique feature is the highly dynamic motion platform, developed and built in‐house. It allows the pilot to precisely feel the finest changes in attitude and touchdown on the ground. The numerical simulation enables the realistic representation of the flight behaviour. A pose‐tracking system maps the pilot’s movements in the virtual environment, enabling operation of the exactly modelled cockpit, including haptic perception, as in the real helicopter.

Mountainflyers: High recognized training facility in Switzerland

Since 1980 Mountainflyers stands for pilot training at the highest level. Over the years, we have been able to continuously expand our training spectrum, most recently with the integration and qualification of Loft Dynamic’s new VR training device. Today, Mountainflyers is one of the few independent helicopter companies in Switzerland, which simultaneously ensures an extensive training organisation as well as commercial flights operations. Mountainflyers is certified and recognized by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Loft Dynamics: Hight tech made in Switzerland

Loft Dynamics is market leader in the development and construction of VR training devices for helicopter pilot training. The innovative team is the first to receive an EASA qualification for an FNPT II based on VR technology. The entire system is developed and built-in house. In addition, the company runs an EASA approved Flight Simulator Training Organization to qualify the customer’s device and simplify the operation.