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Type Rating

Safe costs, train malfunctions realistically and explore, what you cannot experience in the right helicopter

EASA regulation allows for a single engine helicopter to execute two hours on a FTD level 3 training device. Minimum four hours will be executed in the right helicopter.

Execute a part of your AS350 type rating on the Loft Dynamics training device to reach a better proficiency

In the AS350 Operational Suitability Data (OSD) published by Airbus Helicopters the following credits are listed:

Initial Type Rating: Total 6h (2h FTD3, 4h helicopter) plus check flight

Additional Type Rating: Total 4h (3h FTD3 and 1h helicopter) plus check flight


You as pilot can discover on the simulator system behaviour, malfunctions and learn to handle emergency procedures realistically. This enhances your skills which have a positive impact on your flight safety. Book your type rating at a training center which operates a Loft Dynamics Airbus H125 VR training device.

It is proofed by the airline industry that simulator training is much more beneficial to train the handling of malfunctions and developing competencies to cope with emergency situations than just to imply them in the real helicopter.

Christoph Ammann
Flight Instructor, Airline Pilot, Loft Dynamics

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