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Visual System – VR Head Mounted Display

Our visual system is based on Virtual Reality (VR) and promises highest possible immersion. It consists of a VR headset and its respective controllers for accurate positioning.

Virtual Reality offers a natural stereoscopic panoramic view by simply rotating your head. As you know it from the real world, you dynamically view the virtual world from individual angles. This opens up a range of new possibilities, especially for HESLO training. Compared to other visual systems, VR requires virtually no dimensional footprint, since no large-sized domes, mirrors, projectors or screens are required. This conveniently eliminates concerns about edge blending/overlapping, distortion, elaborate calibration or costly, tremendous computing power. Our visual system is very easy to use and excels with photorealistic sceneries, responsive reaction, a high-resolution virtual cockpit and an animated avatar.

What could you never see in a simulator before?

Natural 360° 3D view using virtual technology

By moving the pilot’s head in a natural way, the VR headset continuously recognizes its position and orientation with a tracking system. The respective perspective for the pilot is generated by the software in real-time. This gives the pilot the feeling of being in a real environment and allows him to look where he wants to go. Even flying with vertical reference is possible.


High resolution sceneries
Photorealistic training scenarios enable you to fly maneuvers with great precision.


Human Pose Tracking System
The Human Pose Tracking System depicts the movements of the pilot in the virtual world. This allows the pilot to operate control elements of the Full Replica Cockpit like in the original.

The vision of the virtual reality headset allows the pilot to fly manoeuvres close to the ground precisely. Having this super immerse training possibility to improve flight safety is unique.

Fabi Riesen

CEO Loft Dynamics

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