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New heights in VR technology

A fix mounted real tablet can be operated in the virtual world as in reality, which is a novelty using VR technology. The tablet allows to read checklists and charts. Original navigation information can be stored and viewed. Thanks to the Loft Dynamics pose tracking system, the pilot can operate like in real life as the content of the tablet is reproduced in the virtual cockpit. The functionality like the zoom feature and managing documents are available as know when using tablets. This enables to work in realistic scenario-based trainings through normal and emergency checklists. Try it out! Fly Virtual. Train Real.

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Full Replica Cockpit - Developed by Loft Dynamics

The Virtual Reality Cockpit is integrated on the Motion Platform and consists of a pilot seat, belts and flight controls that the pilot would use in a real aircraft. Vibration cueing enhances the realism.

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