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Full Replica Cockpit - Developed by Loft Dynamics

The Virtual Reality Cockpit is integrated on the Motion Platform and consists of a pilot seat, belts and flight controls that the pilot would use in a real aircraft.

Who wants to enjoy the perfect sense?

By using original components or exact reproductions, the simulator feels like the real helicopter. The dimensions of the cockpit are exactly the same as the original and all relevant controls are available.

Full Replica Cockpit
3D Visual


The seat is an exact replica of the original. It consists of original or full-scale replica seat cushions and 4-point harnesses for rotorcraft. On the H125 model, the seat position is manually adjustable in longitudinal direction. High-quality materials promise comfort and durability.

Flight Controls

The Flight Controls are the most interactive elements in the simulator and enable the pilot to fly the helicopter accurately. By integrating original parts or true-to-scale replicas of the cyclic, collective and pedals the experience feels very authentic. The CLS gives the pilot force feedback.

Cockpit Elements

Our Human Pose Tracking Technology gives you the ultimate impression of a real cockpit experience. The ingenious combination of the replicated cockpit with its operable elements and the corresponding animated avatar lets you forget that you are in a virtual world.

To ensure that the helicopter feels right, we invest heavily in perfectly designed controls. We are convinced that this has many benefits in terms of training quality.

Christian Marty

CTO Loft Dynamics

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