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Our Benefits

Our employees are the foundation of our company's success. As one of our six principles, we, as an employer, want to take care of what we do. We want to offer our employees a pleasant, attractive, and enriching working environment.

Company Culture

Every employee contributes to our unique corporate culture with their own personality. We firmly believe that we will reach our goals and mission only together as a team and with the same values. We care for each other and foster a positive atmosphere. We value the individual skills and qualities of each employee. We are open and transparent about errors, even if it's painful.

Company Events

We are convinced that "teamwork makes the dream work". At our annual Christmas dinner, we review our past year for a fresh start in the new year. On our annual company retreat, we strengthen our team spirit and learn more about each other outside our office premises. On International Women's Day, we take our female employees on a trip as we stand up for equality.

Loft Activities - by us, for us

From yoga to bouldering, together we stay fit. With our daily sports program and our own music band, led by our own team members, we invest in the health and well-being of each employee. You can take part in as many activities as you like. One hour per week will be credited for your participation in the Loft Activities during working hours. 


Patronage Air Zermatt

Loft Dynamics finances the patronage with Air Zermatt for every employee. For married couples or registered partnerships (with or without children), we cover the costs for the family membership. The Air Zermatt Rescue Card provides the safety missing from your compulsory accident and health insurance.


Insurance Costs

All accident and sickness benefit insurance premiums are fully covered by Loft Dynamics. Additionally, all our employees have supplementary accident insurance.


Flexible Working Hours & Home Office

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, at Loft Dynamics, you decide when you start work in the morning. Our employees also have the opportunity to work from home.