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Emergency Training

Be prepared for non-normal situations

Non-Normal Situations

Emergency procedures and non-normal procedures described in the Flight Manual can be practiced more realistically in the simulator than in the real helicopter. Training and checking in the right helicopter often only allows for theoretical discussion of measures. The Loft Dynamic simulators enables you to execute the described procedures exactly as they would have to be done in a real situation. This prepares you as a pilot to handle malfunctions safely.


Hydraulic Failure

The powerful Control Load System enables you to feel the forces at the controls that occur during a hydraulic malfunction. Such exercises can be done in the simulator without any risk.


Electrical System Malfunctions

With Loft Dynamics training devices, you can explore the functionality of the electrical system. In scenario-based training, malfunctions can be simulated to train your pilot competencies.


Engine Failure and Full Touchdown Autorotation

The Loft Dynamic simulators allow you to experience engine failures with a following autorotation without any risk realistically. Unlike other simulators, the high-resolution VR system and realistic flight physics  enable you to practice this demanding maneuver. Compared to the real helicopter, where you have to position yourself in a time-consuming circuit, the simulator enables to reposition in seconds to do the next exercise. This significantly increases the training efficiency. Try it out. Fly Virtual. Train Real.