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Video with Gerold Biner

The system of Loft Dynamics enables training from the junior pilot up to the most experienced specialist. As one of the first customers, we will increase with this FSTD flight safety by reducing the training and operational costs.

“We have not found anything on the market that comes close to the solution that Loft Dynamics is offering in terms of quality and technology and I would like to mention the ultimate key to a successful partnership. We here at Air Zermatt are very passionate about what we do. So it was great to find in Loft Dynamics a team that is equally passionate about what they do: Offering the demanding pilot the best simulator experience.”

Gerold Biner
Flight Instructor, Air Zermatt (retired CEO)


“Virtual Reality Simulation is one of the pillars of the Rotorcraft Safety Roadmap, which EASA launched end of 2018 to improve small helicopter safety. This technology was identified as a real enabler and potential game changer for helicopter training. The Loft Dynamics R22 Virtual Reality Simulator qualification is a further step towards EASA and Industry objectives to improve overall rotorcraft safety by 50% by 2028. It shows that when we are all working together, we can overcome all challenges towards a common objective. I’d like to congratulate Loft Dynamics Team for the outstanding work, as well as EASA teams for their commitment to support this qualification, which so far as I’m aware is a first in the world. Well done to all!”

David Solar
Head of General Aviation (GA) and Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Department at EASA

“The new simulator technology developed by Loft Dynamics will be a remarkable step forward to increase flight safety in helicopter training and to make training of special helicopter operations more efficient. This affordable technology enables private pilots to keep their training level high also during the “no-flight” season and supports operators to train their pilots for demanding missions in remote areas without travelling and independent from actual weather situations. Looking forward to see what the team of Loft Dynamics will continue to develop in the future to support safer helicopter operations.”

Peter Möller


“Coming from the Airline industry and having seen the effect of safety focused and structured simulator training, I am extremely thrilled to be part of the paradigm shift the innovative and sophisticated training concept Loft Dynamics is now launching, through high resolution 3D visual representation combined with full flight equivalent motion, enabling the rotorcraft segment to further build a strong training and safety culture, reducing incident and accident rates towards airline standards. We are aligning our strategy based on this investment and are now planning to establish a new training center, open to all Nordic companies and customers. When qualified, we will expand our simulator fleet with the R44, AW09, H135/H145 and establish a comprehensive training and competency center. I am also extremely pleased to see the efforts of EASA supporting the drive to enhance rotorcraft safety through pursuing and supporting innovation and “out of the norm” training technology – impressive!”

Ole Christian Melhus
CEO/Accountable Manager at Helitrans helicopter

Video with Beat Furrer

We are very proud that Beat Furrer visited us at Loft Dynamics and tested the simulator in detail. Welcome Beat to our first episode of "Fly with us".

“The approach which uses Loft Dynamics is very interesting. I experienced a real feeling of flying and see great potential in this concept.”

Beat Furrer
RUAG Factory Flight Test Pilot


“The most realistic helicopter simulator ever built. A quantum leap towards safer helicopter operations!”

Claude Vuichard
President of the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation


Video with Claude Vuichard

As a follow-up to his comprehensive flight evaluation of Loft Dynamics virtual reality flight simulator for the Robinson R22, Claude Vuichard shares his general impressions of the device and what it can do for helicopter flight training and safety.

“Train it on ground and become a safer helicopter pilot! As launching customer of the Loft Dynamics helicopter simulator we make a great step forward towards a sustainable, safe and cost effective flight training.”

Christoph Graf
CEO & Owner bei Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd


“CHH has been in contact with Loft Dynamics throughout the development of their product. Since the debut of the prototype and our presentation at the Heli-Expo in 2019, I had the opportunity to demo the machine at that time and found it to be profoundly unique. The fidelity of the VR interface and the response of the machine allow for immersion and realism that is unparalleled. A simulator of this quality allows for additional practice of basic maneuvers, but additionally allows emergency procedure recognition and recovery to a level that is not prudent or possible in an actual aircraft. The unique capability of this machine, however, is the ability to track and quantify the pilot’s visual response and reference. This allows new insight into why maneuvers are successful or unsuccessful and empirical data to compare.”

Brandon Laird & Dayle Morningstar Laird
Owner and Chief Pilot of Colorado Highland Helicopters


Video with Brandon Laird

In cooperation with FAA and Loft Dynamics CHH will aid in qualification under Federal Aviation Regulations to apply training credits towards pilot certificates. This will be a significant milestone, qualifying a VR device within the US. We are excited to bring this technology to our training.