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Comprehensive Customer Service

Just use your device! We take care of everything else.

Purchasing and operating a flight training device for the first time can be an extremely challenging task for a helicopter operator or flight school. From selecting the right device to educating personnel, to communicating with national and international authorities to approve credit training and checks. All these tasks may be difficult without proper support. At Loft Dynamics, we accompany you on every step of the path – we feel successful only when you are successfully operating your training device educating your pilots. Customer feedback and our expertise working with authorities and helicopter manufacturers results in a steady improvement of our state-of-the-art products. It is important to us that you gain maximum profit using our devices.

We from Air Zermatt appreciate the services of Loft Dynamics, which relieve us from the administrative processes to run our Airbus H125 training device. This enables us to focus on our core competencies.

Gerold Biner
Flight Instructor, Air Zermatt (retired CEO)

Evaluation and advice

Before you decide on a purchase, the Loft Dynamics team will advise you to find the best suited solution for your requirements. In-depth demonstrations, test flights and calculations are part of our service.

  • Flight and usability demonstration for your management, instructors and pilots
  • Business model calculation to ensure that you get the right value for your investment
  • Selection of optional modules
  • Integration into your training and checking philosophy

Contact our sales team.


Our experts evaluate together with our team the fundamentals like location and environment to operate the simulator.

  • Site evaluation regarding static and dynamic vibrations
  • Design and planning of the simulator room and infrastructure
  • Safety concept and enclosure according to valid laws

Production and testing

Our production and service team assembles the simulators. Before the devices are delivered and installed at your location, they are factory tested. Generally, we produce devices on stock to assure short delivery times.

  • State of the art production with quality control (ISO9001)
  • Thorough performance testing of the complete simulator
  • Factory acceptance test at our site including customer witnessing

On-site installation & commissioning

We organize the shipment. Our specialists install your device and prepare everything for the qualification by the Aviation Authority

  • Organization of shipment and export logistics
  • Installation at your site, logistics support, installing of special safety features
  • We provide the required table, chairs, headsets, a shelf and signs
  • Preparation for Aviation Authority qualification


Our own Fight Simulation Training Device Organization (FSTDO) team directly takes care of the entire qualification process with Aviation Authority FSTD specialists.

  • The FSTDO team coordinates all necessary steps together with the aviation authority
  • Performing all required qualification steps on site
  • We stay with you until the qualification is successfully performed


Our training specialist introduces your flight instructors into the use of the FSTD. We train your local technicians who guarantee a smooth operation of the device.

  • Training for flight instructors on how to use the training device in an optimal manner
  • Instructions for your local technicians to ensure a smooth operation of the device
  • Provision of all training materials
  • Tracking of training dates
  • If suitable in-depth initial-training factory training for maintenance personnel

Adapting your operation and training manual

We support you to integrate the use of the FSTD in your operation and training manual.

  • Incorporation of your new training device into your operation manual, training manual and syllabi
  • Sharing of best practice approaches to ensure a state of the art training and checking concept
  • Support in communicating with national and international authorities to approve credit training and checks

Customer Success

We provide you with our entire expertise and know how to offer most effective training products to your pilots and customers. Together with your experts we develop training and checking concepts.

  • Sharing all our experience enabling your instructors to provide effective lessons to students
  • Expertise and know-how sharing to offer most effective training products to your pilots
  • Database of proven training lessons
  • Support to develop customer specific lessons and programmed rundowns
  • Developing and programming customer specific training content on demand


The Loft Dynamics support team helps you to keep your FSTD running smoothly. We have online tools to provide a service remotely and keep you always up to date about the progress.

  • Remote monitoring of the functions and condition of your device
  • Technical support through our remote IT tools during Swiss office hours and in urgent cases 7 days a week
  • Technical configuration management for your training device

Hardware and software updates

Our engineering team takes care of further developing software and to optimize hardware. You will always receive the latest developments as a retrofit. With all this you have any time a state-of-the-art training device available. As a standard, ones a year a Loft Dynamics service technician is visiting you to maintain your device. Software updates are done from remote, directly from our office in Dübendorf. All this results in highest availability of your simulator.

  • Navigation Data Base updates
  • Hardware updates to have always the newest available components installed
  • Remote software updates with new features and further developments
  • Ones a year maintenance of your device by a Loft Dynamics service technician
  • Providing new developed training lessons


To ensure training quality, the regulator requires the device to be checked every quarter by our FSTDO team. This planned maintenance is essential for meeting regulatory standards.

  • With our know how from various customer sites and contacts with helicopter manufacturers (OEM) we are able to prepare your device for regular check-ups and requalifications
  • Training and instructions for your team according to the latest regulatory changes

Further development of the products

Customer feedbacks are very important to us and a source to steadily improve the devices.

  • Online satisfaction monitoring
  • Online feedback system with response tool to keep you updated about the status
  • Implementation of customer suggestions
  • Providing instructors and technicians with information about optimizations
Comprehensive customer service is our promise for a cooperative working relationship. We are your partner for future-oriented flight training.

Jens Westh
COO, Loft Dynamics