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Taking off with Heli Academy

For more than 20 years, the Heli Academy has been the home of commercial and private helicopter pilots. At the locations in Sitterdorf, Zurich-Kloten and Speck-Fehraltorf, the Heli Academy team has already trained several hundred helicopter pilots and accompanied them on their way to a pilot license. In addition to training, Heli Academy shows you as flight enthusiasts the world from above during a scenic flight and bring business travelers safely from A to B with charter flights.


Try it out!

On the Loft Dynamics simulator you can explore flying a helicopter guided by an experienced flight instructor. Book your flight here: R22 Simulator Lektion 60min


Learn in the simulator. Apply in the helicopter.

As one of the few flight schools Heli Academy is offering you a unique training concept: Basic manoeuvres like hovering, attitude flying, entire traffic pattern and autorotations are trained on the simulator. Thereafter you will apply the learned without adaptation in the real helicopter. This saves costs, improves training efficiency and enhances flight safety, completely environmentally friendly. Experienced pilots can train non-normal procedures with out any risk to improve their flight safety. Heli Academy is operating their Loft Dynamics Robinson R22 FNPT II in Dübendorf.

From our students we receive a lot of positive feedback concerning simulator. The benefits are obvious. We just installed the latest version of the training device. Now our pilots can train even more realistically.

Max Sartory

CEO, Heli Academy


Robinson R22

FSTD for the basic training FNPTII

R22 Simulator: The trainer simulates a Robinson R22 helicopter including steering forces. The cockpit is functional and all the required operating elements are available.


Heli Academy, Switzerland

1 Robinson R22 FSTD, FNPT II


Phone: +41 71 422 60 00


Heli Academy
8589 Sitterdorf