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Our Principles

Our employees are the foundation of Loft Dynamics.

Every employee contributes to our unique corporate culture with their personality and skills. We firmly believe that we will reach our goals and mission only together as a team and with the same values. During our recruiting process, we want to make sure that our values align when getting to know you.

You are a great match if:

At Loft Dynamics, we embody an inspiring pioneering spirit. Fast adaptation is our response to uncertainty. We build, we measure, and we learn. 

We consider continued customer-success our success. We stay committed until the end and never cut corners. We are open and transparent about errors, even if it's painful. 

With a sparkle in our eyes, we show dedication and go full throttle for our goals. We are dependable partners to other team members. 

We keep our head in the game and focus on what is currently at hand while keeping the big picture in mind. We take care of each other's responsiblity and support each other's productivity.

At Loft Dynamics, we are passionate and feel joyful about what we do. We care for each other and foster a positive atmosphere. We value the individual skills and qualities of each employee. 

At Loft Dynamics, we believe everyone is an entrepreneur! We trust that everyone makes decisions and acts in the best interest of the cause. We do it for ourselves and our customers because it matters to us. We pitch in when there is work to be done, regardless of title or job description. Leaders empower people and develop teams. They constantly ask what the team needs to continue growing.

We are the world leader in VR helicopter simulation. We have achieved this with a team that complements each other perfectly and works together collegially.

Fabi Riesen

CEO & Founder Loft Dynamics