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Excellent training quality and valuable use cases to increase flight safety
Our products offer for helicopter applications thanks to the VR technology and a high dynamic motion system much better training conditions than conventional training tools. You can train manoeuvres like full down autorotation realistically. According to our knowledge no other simulator is able to produce this realism in such a quality.

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Train at your home base
The training solution has a small footprint. This allows you to train your pilots at the home base.


Creditable training time
Loft Dynamics is the first and only manufacture who as qualified a VR device with an aviation authority to cretit training time towards licences.

EASA qualifcation


A device ready to train and always up to date with the latest technology
Our specialists plan the installation of the simulator together with your representatives. Loft Dynamics organizes with its on Flight Simulation Training device Organisation (FSTDO) the qualification and the administrative tasks to qualify and operate the training device. As the technological progress in IT is very fast an advanced support concept keeps your device always up to date with the latest software and hardware technology.


The combination of the 360° panoramic view in 3D, the high dynamic motion platform, a full replica cockpit and the pose tracking system produce a full body immersion in which the pilot dives completely into the virtual scenery.


Next to the advantages which a simulator has, it is more affordable then flying in the real helicopter. If you are interested to operate one of our simulators, please get in contact with us to consider the benefits and the expenses to profit from economies. Our experts are fortunate to view an economically simulations having a look at your specific requirements.

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The credits are defined within the regulation of the aviation authority. But not only creditable time generates worth: Safety, scenario based or emergency training form a considerable part of the benefit.

Example: EASA regulation grant the following credits

To us it is important to offer high quality simulators, not as many types as possible. Presently we offer the Robinson R22 FNPT II and the Airbus H125 FTD Level 3. Next FSTD in our pipeline will be the H145. We consider producing other types in future. So, stay in contact with us!

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We don’t have a specific price. We first need to understand your wish/problem and will then give you a quote on that.

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Technical data

We are always looking for the best suitable VR headset to provide the demanding pilot with a true flight experience in the virtual world.

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