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Motion Platform - Developed by Loft Dynamics

The same dynamic as the real helicopter

Loft Dynamics’s in house developed and produced motion platform allows the trainee to feel the movements of the helicopter naturally. The engineers of Loft Dynamics developed, based on former concepts designed in cooperation with the University of Rapperswil OST, a completely new construction of the drive system. This allows to reach much higher movement speeds and a smoother, more exact transformation of the helicopter movements. This system enabled a qualification under EASA regulations . Despite the possibility of generating very high accelerations, the pilot is protected from harmful overload.

The motion cueing gives the pilot the real perception

Our highly dynamic 6DOF (6 degrees of freedom) motion platform performs motion cueing based on a human perception model that is supplied with motion data directly from the simulation. It runs completely electrically (no hydraulic systems), is safe by design and features high performance and a quick response time. A specially developed technology prevents motion sickness so that virtual pilots will experience the immersion to the fullest. For example does to pilot feel exactly where the skids touch the ground during a slope landing.

The design of the motion platform, controlled by a distributed computer system, allows rapid movements of the platform to reproduce the feeling the pilot experiences during flight and landing.

Gian Danuser

Engineer, Loft Dynamics

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