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Basic Manoeuvres

Learning to hover, flying entire circuits, executing autorotation on the Loft Dynamics training device is more efficient and safer than in the right helicopter

Loft Dynamics has proven in scientific research using the Robinson R22 that you can learn and train your skills executing basic maneuvers like hovering, attitude flying, circuit work and autorotations safer and more efficient than in the real helicopter. After the simulator training the 33 test persons were able to apply the learned under real flight conditions in the helicopter with the same proficiency as on the flight simulation training device.

Learn to fly by taking advantage of the Loft Dynamic simulator training

You plan or are about to become a private pilot on helicopters? Contact one of the training center to explore the advantages of this state-of-the-art training concept.

The unique Flight Assistance helps you to learn to fly without being overloaded as your instructor hands you over single controls. In addition, he can recover the helicopter to a stable flight condition before it would get out of control. This could happen at an early stage of your flight training.

Such new training concepts enhance the flight safety as risky manoeuvres are executed on the simulator. In addition, the students learn weather and daytime independent at the required training difficulty to build up the skills step by step. This reduces training time compared to the real helicopter.

Fabi Riesen
CEO and Founder, Loft Dynamics