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Elevate pilot training with Loft Dynamics' VR Flight Simulation Device. Dive into realism, refine skills, and soar to new heights!


Robinson R22

FSTD for the basic training FNPTII

R22 Simulator: The trainer simulates a Robinson R22 helicopter including steering forces. The cockpit is functional and all the required operating elements are available.

Airbus H125

FSTD for operators and experts FTD Level 3.

H125 Simulator: From the familiarisation to a turbine helicopter to demanding scenario-based trainings, mountain flying and emergency trainings, simulation is tailored to the needs of the trainee.

Airbus H145

FSTD for professionals FTD Level 3 or higher

FSTD for professionals H145 Simulator: Enables trainings for type ratings, instrument ratings, demanding missions and the execution of proficiency checks.


FSTD Trailer

Mobile Training Solution

Loft Dynamics' training solution fits into a trailer to make training location independent. It is available in the Airbus H125 and Robinson R22 version.

HESLO / Sling Load Trainer

Train your sling load skills now!

HESLO Trainer: The world’s first realistic professional HESLO – Helicopter External Sling Load Operations Training Solution.


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