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Fly to your next destination: Loft Dynamics

Loft Dynamics AG (formerly VRM Switzerland) is a market-leading company specializing in VR training devices for pilots. Founded in 2016, our mission is to revolutionize global aviation with cutting-edge VR flight simulators. Equipped with a 3D high-resolution panoramic view, dynamic six-degrees-of-freedom motion platform, and full-scale replica cockpit with a unique pose tracking system, our simulators provide an immersive, realistic, customizable, and risk-free training experience. By offering a training solution that is 10 times smaller and 20 times less expensive than traditional simulators, we enhance training accessibility and scalability, empowering highly skilled pilots to meet the global demand. As the world's first and only qualified VR flight simulation training device (FSTD), achieving FTD Level 3 qualification from EASA, we serve leading manufacturers, airlines, operators, schools, and organizations worldwide. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, our team comprises passionate engineers, developers, and aviation experts.

At Loft Dynamics, we offer a modern and flexible working environment with the latest development tools, exciting challenges, and future-oriented career opportunities for you!

How our employees view us


"At Loft Dynamics, the focus lies on the team. Our culture is based on mutual help and support, as well as work-life balance. This allows us to grow and develop while contributing our strengths."

ICT & FSTD Technician


"The start-up groove is still fully visible in this great team. Everyone is pulling in the same direction, and we make the most of it. The revolutionary technology that we bring to the market never ceases to excite me, and it motivates me to give my best every day. It's nice to know that everyone's efforts are rewarded and recognized."

Sales Executive


"What I value most about Loft Dynamics is being on the front line of advancing technology while experiencing the extraordinary."

Mechanical Engineer


"As a training specialist and helicopter pilot, I can turn my passion into a career and promote safety in aviation. I also enjoy the family atmosphere and the flat hierarchy throughout the company."

Training Specialist & Helicopter Pilot