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Our Recruiting process

Good Things Come In Threes

Everything you need to know about our recruiting process.

Thank you for sending us your application and showing that you believe in Loft Dynamics! After you have submitted your application through our online tool, we will check if you fit our job requirements. Please be patient, as this can take up to two weeks.

If your profile matches our requirements, we will invite you to our office premises to get to know you personally. This is your chance to learn more about us as a company and future employer. Meet your potential colleagues and supervisors and gain an impression of your everyday work as a future employee.

Congratulations, it's a match! We will send you our job offer and look forward to welcoming you to Loft Dynamics.

Are you ready to fly to your next destination Loft Dynamics? Find your (job) match

Do you have any questions? I am happy to assist you!

Antonija, HR Manager
+41 44 442 09 13