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We're excited to announce that we'll be exhibiting at the upcoming APSCON 2024 event in Houston TX from July 29 - August 2 at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Come visit us at booth 221 and experience our Airbus H125 VR Simulator, which is the first and only VR simulator qualified by an authority. Don't miss out on this opportunity to try out our cutting-edge technology and see why we're leading the way in the industry.

US Sceneries

For the first time we present US sceneries in our simulator. Loft Dynamics is adding different cities and airport sceneries of the United States to the scenario portfolio. In addition to the proven high-resolution landscapes, heliports, and airports of Switzerland, we now offer selected US locations with photorealistic 3D buildings and airports. Cities like Miami, New York, San Francisco and downtown LA invite you to be explored and enable the establishment of scenario-based training to practice difficult missions under demanding environmental conditions in known areas.

Basic Maneuvers

Learning to hover, flying entire circuits, executing autorotation on the Loft Dynamics training device is more efficient and safer than in the right helicopter. Loft Dynamics has proven in scientific research that you can learn and train your skills executing basic maneuvers like hovering, attitude flying, circuit work and autorotations safer and more efficient than in the real helicopter. After the simulator training the 33 test persons were able to apply the learned under real flight conditions in the helicopter with the same proficiency as on the flight simulation training device.

Emergency Training

Be prepared for non-normal situations! Emergency procedures and non-normal procedures described in the Flight Manual can be practiced more realistically in the simulator than in the real helicopter. Training and checking in the right helicopter often only allows for theoretical discussion of measures. The Loft Dynamic simulators enables you to execute the described procedures exactly as they would have to be done in a real situation. This prepares you as a pilot to handle malfunctions safely.

Scenario-Based Mission Training

The realistic representation of flight behavior and scenery allows you to practice missions and handle abnormal situations. The training device is designed for practicing how to avoid and recover from  inadvertent instrument meteorological conditions (IIMC).

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