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About the Airbus H125 FSTD

The H125 FSTD represents an Airbus AS350 B3e (H125) which is the most common single turbine helicopter in its class. The simulator was optimized in cooperation with experts of Airbus Helicopters to provide the pilot with a most realistic flight experience and training effect to enhance flight safety. From the familiarisation to a turbine helicopter to demanding scenario-based trainings, mountain flying and emergency exercises, simulation is tailored on the needs of the trainee. The cockpit is fully functional and the controls have force feedback to simulate hydraulic system failures or other effects which result in a change of control forces. Together with the high dynamic motion platform, a 3D VR visual system and a sound system the pilot dives into a full body immersion.

This H125 VR Training Device allow pilots to:

  • perform proficiency checks (LPC and OPC)
  • receive training credits
  • perform type ratings including normal flight, emergency situations
  • train flying at night
  • execute basic instrument flight training and to train specific parts of the instrument rating


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Technical Data


Qualification: EASA FTD Level 3
Small simulator footprint, w × d × h: 180cm × 170cm × 215cm (5.9ft × 5.6ft × 7.1ft)
Training site requires less than: 20m2
Simulator mass H125: 580kg (1279lb)
Fully electrically powered: CEE 16/5 (400VAC, 16A)
Head mounted display: 90Hz frame rate, 3D vision, 2 x 8Mpx resolution, 30PPD (pixel per degree)