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Realistic Flight Physics - Developed by Loft Dynamics

The flight simulation software features advanced flight dynamics thanks to realistic flight physics and real time full multibody simulation. Fast frame rates ensure undisturbed flights and optimum immersion into the virtual world. To ensure realistic flight behaviors the simulator is tuned to respond according to the standards and validations established by the regulatory authorities.

Experienced helicopter pilots recognize every deviation in the flight behaviour. What we want to achieve is the “as real” statement of the pilot.

Hannes Diethelm

Engineer, Loft Dynamics

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Motion Platform - Developed by Loft Dynamics

Loft Dynamics in house developed and produced motion platform allows to feel the movements of the helicopter naturally. The engineers of Loft Dynamics developed, based on former concepts designed in cooperation with the University of Rapperswil OST, a completely new construction of the drive system.

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