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Mountainflyers Introduce Revolutionary Training Modules Facilitated by a Loft Dynamics FSTD

Becoming a helicopter pilot demands significant investments of time and money, coupled with patience and perseverance. Loft Dynamics and Mountainflyers paved the path for pilots to reduce costs, train more safely and effectively, resulting in more value. As an example, Luzius Knöll successfully obtained his AS350 type rating at Mountainflyers in Bern through an accelerated, secure, and cost-effective training program, utilizing a Loft Dynamics flight simulator. This innovative approach, in conjunction with the real helicopter, has been proven to be transformative.

Completing the AS350 type rating safer at reduced costs

Luzius Knöll, a private pilot and training specialist at Loft Dynamics, is presently pursuing his commercial pilot license. He shares insights into the completion of his AS350 type rating at Mountainflyers in Bern-Belp, combining simulator training and flights in the real helicopter. "Becoming a helicopter pilot was my childhood dream. After completing my private pilot license (PPL), I fly now primarily Bell 206 Jet Ranger and accumulated approximately eight hours on the AS350 B2 for a total of 130 hours flight experience. To receive the AS350 type rating, I need to log at least three hours in a flight simulator and one hour in the actual helicopter, followed by a skill test in the real helicopter."

For this additional type rating, I need to execute at least three hours of training in the flight simulator, one hour in the actual helicopter, and then successfully complete the skill test in the helicopter.

Luzius Knöll
Training Specialist, Loft Dynamics

When questioned about the relevance of training on the flight simulator, Luzius confirms, "The significant advantage of the simulator is the ability to practice emergency and special procedures repeatedly until you gain confidence and proficiency. Training for emergency procedures in a real helicopter is excessively risky. I strongly recommend simulator training, especially for pilots obtaining their PPL or CPL but as well for experienced pilots. The device is a wonderful, realistic tool and is extremely enjoyable to fly, increasing flight safety and reducing costs."

Luzius was able to apply his knowledge optimally in the real machine.

Lorenz Nufer
Flight Instructor / Nominated Person Crew Training

Lorenz Nufer, an experienced flight instructor at Mountainflyers and flight examiner, who accompanied Luzius during his type rating, expresses his admiration for the combination of simulator and real helicopter training. “This was the first time we combined the simulator training with flying the real helicopter to get a type rating". I am extremely impressed by how Luzius was able to implement and apply in reality what he had learned in the simulator. "Particularly during slope landings his performance was outstanding as he was able to feel how the helicopter behaves in different load conditions.” Lorenz observed that Luzius' situational awareness is inherently higher compared to students who exclusively train in helicopters. Luzius can quickly locate relevant information in the cockpit and extract the necessary parameters from the provided devices. These factors can be attributed to the training using this realistic flight simulator.

Lorenz Nufer recommends this offer of Mountainflyers to aspiring pilots, because it is characterized by its reduced cost, environmental friendliness, training efficiency and best results can be achieved by student pilots. “Luzius was able to put his knowledge into practice optimally in the real machine.”

Thomas Maurer, a pilot and flight instructor at Mountainflyers, echoes the advantages of the flight simulator, especially for emergency procedures. He emphasizes that maneuvers like autorotation can be practiced more extensively in the simulator compared to a real helicopter, particularly exercises with touch down. In addition, the individual weather settings and other flight conditions can be tailored to the respective training scenario.

Pioneer as launch customer of Loft Dynamics

With 43 years in the market, Mountainflyers is one of the largest independent flight schools in Switzerland, operating a fleet of 13 helicopters. The service portfolio includes sightseeing flights, the transport of external sling loads and VIP flights. Nevertheless, the company's primary expertise lies in flight training at its two bases in Bern-Belp and Grenchen. Christoph Graf, CEO and owner of Mountainflyers, takes pride in being a launch customer of Loft Dynamics and the first training center worldwide to offer such innovative training concepts. He sees great potential in the new training method using the flight simulator in combination with flying the right helicopter.

Christoph Graf, Managing Director, and owner is proud that Mountainflyers, as a launch customer of Loft Dynamics, is the first location worldwide to be able to offer combined training on an H125 flight simulator. He sees great potential in the new training method using the flight simulator: “If you decide to take this training, it’s a big plus for your future flying career. There are very few professional pilots who have completed their license in the modular area within 185-200 hours and can already benefit from 20 hours on the Ecureuil. This benefits the prospective pilots when they apply for a job later.”

Christoph adds that lessons on the flight simulator also enhance the quality of training, this thanks to their realism and efficiency.

Attractive offer for future commercial helicopter pilots: Seize the opportunity!

Mountainflyers has tailored an attractive offer for obtaining a commercial pilot license (CPL). This includes ten hours in the Robinson R22, followed by ten hours in the H125 VR FSTD and finally, an additional ten hours in the real Airbus H125 helicopter.

Utilizing the flight simulator allows Mountainflyers to offer training at a cost of less than CHF 40’000, significantly lower than the expense of a commercial pilot license through conventional methods. “If you decide to take this training, it’s a big plus for your future flying career. There are very few professional pilots who have completed their license in the modular area within 185-200 hours and have already 20 hours experience on the Ecureuil. The Ecureuil AS 350 helicopter is one of the most widely used helicopters in professional aviation, so it makes sense to gain experience on this type as early as possible. This benefits you as prospective student pilot when you apply for a job after completing the training,” Christoph Graf explains. Interested individuals can obtain information through a personal noncommittal meeting or book training directly via the website, by telephone, or through email. Mountainflyers' doors are open seven days a week, with a dedicated team of 25 professionals attending to the pilots' needs.

Thanks to our experience with Loft Dynamics, we can draw on a wealth of knowledge and know what the simulators can do and what needs to be trained in them in order to successfully complete the training. Do not hesitate to contact us for a personal noncommittal information meeting.

Christoph Graf
CEO & Owner, Mountainflyers