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Inadvertent IMC

Preventing flight into inadvertent instrument meteorological conditions (IIMC)

Loft Dynamics‘ VR Training Device supports you as pilots to develop competencies avoiding IIMC. The EASA qualified device allows you to enhance your problem solving, decision making, situation awareness, workload management and leadership competencies. This provides you with the required confidence and experience to recognize critical situation early and the required skills to handle such demanding situations professionally.


Train in realistic scenarios

Provided with a 3 dimensional 360 degrees panoramic view and high-resolution terrain model, you are immersed in realistic weather situations. Explore your personal limits and known traps! Tailored scenario-based training programs promote your resilience and improve your flight safety. An exact representation of the flight physics and a highly dynamic motion platform feels like in the real helicopter. This shows you how demanding it is to fly a helicopter with basic instrumentation manually in reduced visibility. The upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) module enhances your skills to recover from unusual attitudes and shows the limits where a recovery becomes extreme demanding or even impossible. Take the opportunity and invest to improve your competencies!