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First Training Center ever with EASA qualified R22 and H125 VR Training Devices

Profit from our unique flight training concept: Safe time, money and train safer

Mountainflyers are the world‘s first Appoved Training Organisation which provides flight training on qualified Robinson R22 and Airbus H125 virtual reality training devices. This enables you to credit the simulator time towards your licence.

Explore flying a helicopter

With our professional Loft Dynamics simulator, you can dive into the world of helicopter flying together with one of our experienced flight instructors.

There is no previous experience required. Book your flight on our Robinson R22 or Airbus H125 training device.

Schnupperflug Simulator | 45min. | Mountain Flyers

With the more efficient training you safe money and time by enhancing your flight safety. Thus, you can profit from a never seen training concept, which will advance the education in the helicopter industry.

Christoph Graf

CEO and Owner of Mountainflyers Ltd.

Train emergency procedures realistically

As a type rated private or commercial pilot you can train on our simulators emergency situations more realistically than in the real helicopter. Apply non normal checklists in scenario-based trainings to enhance your flight safety by fostering your pilot competencies.

License and operator proficiency checks

Perform your license and operator proficiency checks and the respective training on our Loft Dynamics Airbus H125 training device. Book one of our examiners or execute the check with your personal flight examiner.


Robinson R22

FSTD for the basic training FNPTII

R22 Simulator: The trainer simulates a Robinson R22 helicopter including steering forces. The cockpit is functional and all the required operating elements are available.

Airbus H125

FSTD for operators and experts FTD Level 3

H125 Simulator: From the familiarisation to a turbine helicopter to demanding scenario-based trainings, mountain flying and emergency trainings, simulation is tailored to the needs of the trainee.


Mountainflyers, Switzerland

1 Airbus H125 FSTD


Phone: +41 31 819 60 30


Base Berne-Belp
Flugplatzstrasse 9
CH-3123 Bern-Belp