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ICAO Air Navigation World 2023 – Shaping the Skies of Tomorrow

ICAO is organizing the first of these ICAO Air Navigation World brand of events with a theme of “Shaping the Skies of Tomorrow: Addressing Key Issues and Technologies in Air Navigation and Safety” in an effort to obtain stakeholder insight for enhancing the organization’s innovation and resilience approach while augmenting synergies between efficiency and safety. The conference takes place from 28 to 31 August 2023 in Montreal, Canada

Loft Dynamics is invited to present their cutting edge technology

Loft Dynamics has been invited to present the benefits of its cutting-edge technology in a discussion round at the ICAO Air Navigation World 2023. The full-motion virtual reality simulator, equipped with a complete replica cockpit, provides pilots with a 3D high-resolution panoramic view, essential for precise control of the helicopter close to the ground. The highly dynamic 6DoF motion system replicates the sensation of actual flight, while the combination of the full replica cockpit and the Loft Dynamics Pose Training System allows intuitive operation of cockpit controls.

This affordable technology enables pilot training using the latest scientific advancements and can simulate all kinds of flight objects, making it possible to significantly reduce the ecological footprint of aviation while enhancing flight safety through extensive training.

Loft Dynamics is the first and still only simulator manufacturer which has qualified a VR training device with an Aviation Authority to credit simulator time towards training and checking. Currently, the company offers simulation options for Airbus H125 and Robinson R22 helicopters. An Airbus H145 is in development in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters. The next possibility to test fly the simulator will be at European Rotors, 27-30 November in Madrid.

Highlighting the use of New Technologies in Aviation for Personnel Training

DAY 3 – Wednesday, 30 August 2023, 16:00 – 17:30

This session will explore use cases in all aviation professions’ training of extended reality (XR - including VR, AR and MR) and provide examples of experience feedback and identify the way forward.


Dr. Julian ABICH, Senior Human Factors Engineer, Quantum Improvements Consulting


  • Fabi RIESEN, CEO & Founder Loft Dynamics
  • Marshall TETTERTON, Professor of Aviation Maintenance
  • Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Raghoonundun "Birdy" GUNPUTH, Senior Manager

ICAO - Shaping the Skies of Tomorrow

A key component of this event will be the discussions on the future technologies and procedures to support the evolution of the aviation system to meet the expectations of the aviation community. The industry is rebuilding following the global pandemic with expectations of resumed future growth across a dynamic range of aviation activities. At the same time, ICAO Member States adopted a Long-Term Global Aspirational Goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in international aviation by 2050. A significant portion of this goal is expected to be achieved through technical and operational improvements that will significantly influence policy and decision-making for international aviation. This event will also be a timely opportunity to have an open dialogue on operational and implementation challenges of air navigation and safety solutions by all stakeholders, including governments and industry.

About Loft Dynamics

Loft Dynamics AG (formerly VRM Switzerland) is a market-leading company specializing in VR training devices for pilots. Founded in 2016, our mission is to revolutionize global aviation with cutting-edge VR flight simulators. Equipped with a 3D high-resolution panoramic view, dynamic six-degrees-of-freedom motion platform, and full-scale replica cockpit with a unique pose tracking system, our simulators provide an immersive, realistic, customizable, and risk-free training experience. By offering a training solution that is 10 times smaller and 20 times less expensive than traditional simulators, we enhance training accessibility and scalability, empowering highly skilled pilots to meet the global demand. As the world's first and only qualified VR flight simulation training device (FSTD), achieving FTD Level 3 qualification from EASA, we serve leading manufacturers, airlines, operators, schools, and organizations worldwide. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, our team comprises passionate engineers, developers, and aviation experts.