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Loft Dynamics Unveils Airbus H125 Training Device for Law Enforcement at APSCON 2023

We recently debuted our Airbus H125 virtual reality flight simulator at the annual Airborne Public Safety Association (APSCA) conference in July. The event, held in Orlando, drew over 150 exhibitors showcasing their products and services on the exhibit floor. Law enforcement pilots attending the event had the opportunity to experience our training device firsthand.

The feedback we received throughout the day was overwhelmingly positive and consistent with that of Airbus Helicopters’ factory instructors and test pilots: our H125 simulator is seamless and intuitive to operate given how closely it mirrors the experience of flying a real aircraft. Many of the attendees also commented that they did not experience the nausea that too often comes with operating other simulator

The exhibit officially opened on Thursday, July 20, but the tremendous interest in our technology brought APSCA members to our booth even before the scheduled opening. We conducted over ten unscheduled FSTD demos as a captivated crowd gathered around us.

Scott Firsing
Head of North America Sales

By the time we closed down on Friday afternoon, we had met with over 30 law enforcement agencies and managed to fly at least one of their pilots. We also met with several major US government agencies, setting the stage for some promising new ventures.

Woody McClendon
North American New Business Manager

Introducing our Airbus H125 training device at APSCON 2023 was a successful and significant milestone. We look forward to revolutionizing law enforcement pilot training through our state-of-the-art VR technology.