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FAMEX 2023

Loft Dynamics exhibited the Airbus H125 virtual reality training device at the booth of Airbus Helicopters just next to the physical H125 helicopter for the first time. This allowed industry representatives from South America to experience the high quality of Loft Dynamics cutting-edge technology firsthand.

Exhibiting the first time in South America

In conjunction with the EU-Latin America Cooperation on Civil Aviation Partnership Project, through this cooperation Loft Dynamics and Airbus Helicopters demonstrated the benefits and potential of the technology in improving flight safety in the helicopter industry. High-level VR simulator training was identified as an important measure for achieving this. The simulator enables training from ab-initio lessons to demanding scenario-based exercises, which was highlighted during the event.

During the exhibition, we were able to showcase the capabilities of our simulator. This was a great success, and we received very positive feedback from the attendees. They were impressed about the level of detail and realism the training device provides.

Sven Tschudi
VP Sales

EU-Latin America and Caribbean Aviation Partnership Project

The EU-Latin America and Caribbean Aviation Partnership Project aims to enhance the political, economic and environmental partnership between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean in the field of civil aviation. This will be achieved by strengthening institutional links, promoting regulatory harmonization, addressing capacity limitations and supporting environmental protection and climate action.

Thank you to Mexico, Airbus and EASA for the invitation and superb hospitality. It was a fantastic FAMEX 2023, meeting so many professionals from around the world.

Scott Firsing
Head of North America Sales


Images: Copyright by Airbus Helicopters 2023 photos by Roberto Hernandez