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AERO Friedrichshafen 2023: Excited simulator pilots

Loft Dynamics was invited to present its Airbus H125 training device at the booth of the German Helicopter Association. Together with Vertical Mission Training, a company of Heli NRW, we demonstrated the benefits of our EASA qualified device. Over 120 pilots have flown the simulator and gave excellent feedback.

A test flight every 20 minutes

The team of Loft Dynamics enabled again to test the Airbus H125 on site. Visitors explored the advantages of the virtual reality 360° 3D view and could try out how to operate the cockpit intuitively, just like in a real helicopter.


Please read what the pilots said after testing our training device:

Unbelievable how realistic this simulator is. I could literally feel every movement of the helicopter.

Peter from Frankfurt

It was my first time on a VR simulator. It is fascinating how quickly you arrive in the virtual world and forget that you are actually sitting on a simulator.

Darko from Friedrichshafen

I have already been on various simulators, but I have not yet seen or experienced anything comparable. The sharpness of the image in the VR goggles is unparalleled.

Veronica from London

The virtual representation of my hand fascinated me. Especially the fact that I was able to grasp all the buttons correctly right away was very impressive.

Frederik from Ravensburg

As a helicopter flight instructor I was fascinated by the simulation of all malfunctions. The possibilities offered by this simulator seem endless. I will strongly recommend my flight students to do a part of their training on this simulator.

Michel from Lyon

I came to AERO because we are looking for a simulator for our flight school. After the test flight on the Loft Dynamics simulator, the decision is clear. The fact that this simulator is EASA qualified makes it unique.

Angelo from Milan

Some pilots are critical of simulators before the test flight. After they have flown, they are exited about the realistic simulation. It always fulfills me with pride and joy when I see all the smiling faces.

Nils Werder
Account Executive

The leading-edge technology of the training device always generates an attention and the simulator slots are in short time fully booked. Pilots rate the simulator with a high score.

Well-being during simulator training is always a discussion point when speaking to helicopter pilots. We do not see pilots who are not well after trying our simulator.

Pat Sieber
Account Executive