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Sabrina Barbera joins Loft Dynamics as Chief Services Officer to Drive the Expansion of Training Services

ZURICH, February 08, 2024 - Loft Dynamics announces that Sabrina Barbera has joined the leadership team as Chief Services Officer to support the company’s rapid growth. Sabrina provides a profound background within the helicopter industry. She will lead the Flight Simulator Training Device Organization (FSTDO) team consisting of aviation and compliance specialists to offer high standard simulator training services to the aviation industry.

Profound training management and helicopter industry background

Sabrina studied mechanical engineering and has completed a Master Degree of Science in Operational Research. She developed profound competencies working 17 years for Airbus Helicopters at different positions including occupying the positions of the Vice-President Head of Company Development, Strategy M&A and Vice President Head of Training and Flight Operation Services. Before joining Loft Dynamics she lead the team of Blade Europe as Executive Director. “We are pleased to have successfully recruited such a competent individual as Sabrina. This enables us to expand our FSTDO services, ultimately benefiting our customers and advancing flight safety in the industry,” Fabi Riesen, Founder and CEO of Loft Dynamics says.

Developing pilot training in the interests of flight safety

Many aviation experts and pilots have already recognized the potential of Loft Dynamics’ training solutions. Sabrina observed the development of the Loft Dynamics team at an early stage. She remarks: “I noticed the potential of these high-quality products to significantly enhance flight safety at affordable costs years ago. It's satisfying to now be part of the journey, reinventing pilot training by effectively introducing innovation and new technologies to the aviation industry. We support customers in transforming their training, benefiting from this new technology. I appreciate the efficiency and agility of the Loft Dynamics team.”

The first time I met the team at Loft Dynamics, I immediately recognized the potential that their technology holds for the aviation industry, especially in terms of its significant impact on training and safety. I am genuinely excited to contribute to the team and be part of the journey in developing flight training.

Sabrina Barbera
CSO, Loft Dynamics

Sabrina personally

Sabrina grew up in France and worked several years in Canada, Australia and southern part of France. She has a passion for helicopters in particular and aviation in general. Sabrina loves being in the mountains for climbing and hiking, enjoys going on ski tours, or engaging in sports wherever she is.

Offering strong and comprehensive flight training solutions including services

Loft Dynamics offers not only highly realistic professional flight simulators but also a comprehensive service to customers, including training services. Loft Dynamics provides various services, from planning the installation to qualifying the device under EASA regulations with its own Flight Simulator Training Device Organization (FSTDO). This relieves customers from technical and administrative tasks involved in operating the devices. Overall, Loft Dynamics products reduce training costs and improve flight safety while at the same time scaling down the ecological footprint of the aviation industry.

About Loft Dynamics

Loft Dynamics AG (formerly VRM Switzerland) specializes in designing, manufacturing and operating VR flight simulation training devices (FSTDs) for various aircraft systems. Founded in 2016, our mission is to revolutionize global aviation by providing best-in-class pilot training that is safe, accessible and affordable. Our immersive simulators, equipped with a high-resolution 3D panoramic view, dynamic six-degrees-of-freedom motion platform and a full-scale replica cockpit with a unique pose tracking system, are 20 times less expensive and 10 times smaller than traditional flight simulators. Leading manufacturers, airlines, operators, schools and organizations worldwide choose Loft Dynamics simulators — the world's first and only VR FSTDs with EASA FTD Level 3 regulatory approval. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, our team comprises passionate engineers, developers and aviation experts.