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Safety Training

New State-of-the-Art Training for Non-Normal Situations!

Loft Dynamics' EASA-qualified helicopter training devices offer helicopter pilots new opportunities to develop their skills and increase their flight safety. The operator of the Loft Dynamics simulator training center offers programs developed by safety experts that address training to avoid the most common pilot errors and increase pilot competencies in an advancing course structure. The safety training on the Robinson R22 simulator covers the SFAR 73 training requirements and emergency procedures from the R22 Pilot’s Operating Handbook. The Airbus H125 training device enables pilots to practice all non-normal procedures published in the flight manual. Advanced training courses promote pilot competencies in a scenario-based training environment, which improves both the pilot's and passengers' flight safety.

Train Realistically

Unlike a real helicopter, the simulators allow you to train for malfunctions, non-normal situations, and emergencies in a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manner. The following training programs are available:

  • Engine failure and fire
  • Electrical failures
  • Stuck pedal
  • Loss of tail rotor trust
  • Autorotations with touch down
  • Prevention of flying into inadvertent instrument meteorological conditions (IIMC)


The Airbus H125 device enables pilots to practice the following procedures and maneuvers:

  • Hydraulic failure
  • Servo transparency
  • VEMD malfunctions


You can practice the following procedures and maneuvers:

  • Start-up and shut down procedures including start malfunctions
  • Basic and advanced autorotation to full touch down
  • Confined area
  • Mountain landing
  • Vortex ring state
  • Basic instrument flying in IMC
  • Slope landings
  • Night flying


Refresh or enhance your pilot competencies! Contact one of our simulator training center operators. Fly virtual. Train real.