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Mountain Training

Mountain landings place special demands on you as a helicopter pilot. Train your competencies realistically on the Loft Dynamics training devices.

As probably the only simulator that enables you to train mountain operations realistically, the Loft Dynamics training device offers high-resolution scenery presentation and a 360° 3D panoramic view. This provides you with references as in a real helicopter. You can evaluate landing sites with an unrestricted view just like in real life. Updrafts, downdrafts, and turbulences can be simulated as they would occur in specific wind situations at the respective landing area.

Flying at the Power Limit

The Robinson R22 and the Airbus H125 are best suited for demonstrating and practicing flying at the power limit. Flying with the R22 impressively simulates RPM drop and the resulting consequences. A high-altitude landing with a fully loaded H125 challenges and builds up your experience.


Landing on a Sloping Surface

Landings on mountainous terrain often present slopes that are simulated realistically. Thanks to the high dynamic motion platform, you as the pilot, can feel where and how the skids are touching the ground.


Reduced Visibility and Sun Effects

Reduced visibility or shadow can be simulated to tailor the scenery according to the trainee's needs.


Save Time and Costs

Simulator training allows you to save time on flying to reach a training site, and you can pause whenever you have to discuss something with your instructor. This makes the session much more efficient than practicing in a real helicopter.

Book your training with one of the Loft Dynamics training center operators. Try it out! Fly Virtual. Train Real.