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Instructor Operating Station (IOS)

A State-of-the-art software enables an efficient and consistent training.

Intuitively to operate

An intuitively to operate instructor operating station (IOS) enables the instructor to setup lessons and to adjust parameters during training. The user interface of the function display is aligned with state-of-the-art control elements as they are used in today’s software. With a logical order of the content instructors learn to manipulate the simulator in a short time.

Tools for fast learning

A built-in flight assistance allows to take over control of the helicopter similar as it would be done in the real one. For basic training single controls can be handed over to the student while other axis are controlled by the computer. This avoids an overload of the trainee and a step-by-step learning results in a faster and constant progress. Repositioning options save training time as time consuming flights to a training area or a climb to the exercise initial position can be avoided.

Get the information for an efficient training

On the pilot display it can be seen where the pilot is looking. To get specific information like instrument readings the instructor has a display available where views can be changed and zoomed. This gives the instructor more information as when he would sit in a real cockpit. Different cockpit and outside views are available to gather a wide range of manoeuvre related insights.

Aviation experts worked closely with software engineers to develop this Instructor Operating Station. The result is a praxis oriented easy to use product.

Christoph Ammann

Flight Instructor, Loft Dynamics

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