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Loft Dynamics hires Jean Auclair as CFO to support the company’s growth

ZURICH, June 12, 2023 – Loft Dynamics today announced that Jean Auclair has joined the company’s leadership team as their new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Jean, an experienced CPA and CFO, previously led the financial affairs of numerous innovative companies. Jean’s appointment will help Loft Dynamics with their increased global expansion. This expansion, and their recent rebranding from VRM Switzerland to Loft Dynamics, comes at a crucial time for the aviation industry, which is currently dealing with a global pilot shortage and concerns over its overall negative environmental impact.

In-Depth knowledge and experience

Jean is seasoned international accountant with a strong corporate finance background. A Canadian CPA by training, Jean started his career at PwC in Canada and in Switzerland where he led mergers and acquisitions mandates. He held finance leadership roles at two innovative E-Commerce and SAAS companies prior to joining Loft Dynamics as their CFO.

Rising as a team

Taking about his new role as Loft Dynamics CFO, Jean explains: “At the beginning of the day, for me it comes down to the people you work with and how much inspiration you find in each other to surpass yourself and also go through the flip sides of success.” “When I met with Loft Dynamics’ passionate leadership team and learned about their journey, I knew I wanted to be part of it,” says Jean.

When I met with Loft Dynamics’ passionate leadership team and learned about their journey, I knew I wanted to be part of it.

Jean Guillaume Auclair
CFO, Loft Dynamics

Jean’s personal interests

Jean, his wife and two children live in the Lake Zürich area. He loves to spend time backcountry skiing or doing water sports. Jean is also passionate about cooking, and is an avid wine enthusiast.

Providing flight training customers with the right services

Jean will be responsible for offering Loft Dynamics clients a comprehensive array of suitable and reasonable financial and simulator services. These services range from purchase contracts or simulator leasing options to long term service contracts. Whether this is to operate a simulator successfully or to improve flight safety of pilots in a cost-efficient way, it is Jean’s and Loft Dynamics’ ambition to help their customers succeed.