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First launching customer: Mountainflyers integrates the VRM Flight Training Solution into helicopter training

Rain or shine, day or night – in the simulator you can fly at any time.

Bern, April 30, 2019 - Mountainflyers from Bern-Belp are the first helicopter flight school in Switzerland to incorporate a virtual reality simulator from VRM-Switzerland into the training of their helicopter pilots. CEO and owner Christoph Graf has great expectations for this: «More sustainability, less CO2, lower costs and higher safety are generally demanded from the aviation sector. With the first helicopter simulator we are taking a big step in the right direction.»


Rain or shine, day or night – you can always fly in the simulator. Either alone or assisted by an instructor, students are able to train all relevant procedures and manoeuvers without burning a single drop of kero-sene. Located in the Innovation Park Zurich, the company VRMotion Switzerland Ltd. built a simulator that gives the trainee the impression of sitting in a real helicopter. Through the VR goggles the student not only sees all instruments and control elements as in a real cockpit, but they also react exactly alike. The electrically controlled moving platform tilts according to the control input and realistically reproduces gusts and turbu-lence. Greatly improved visual representation of the terrain also contributes to a «real flying experience.» In addition to the environmental and cost effects, Christoph Graf also expects the simulator to make a sub-stantial contribution to flight safety. «Students can practice special flight manoeuvers and dangerous situa-tions on the ground without any risk, which gives them the necessary routine that will make them safer in the air.»