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First Airbus H125 Training Device established in Germany by Meravo Helicopters and Loft Dynamics

After Switzerland and Norway, Germany is the third country to receive an EASA qualified Airbus H125 FTD Level 3 at Meravo Helicopters. The virtual reality based device used for professional pilot training and checking is developed and built by Loft Dynamics (formerly VRM Switzerland). Like already in other countries, this enables to execute licence and proficiency checks in a realistic environment to improve flight safety.

Cooperation of Meravo and Loft Dynamics

Once Meravo has decided to invest into a future oriented concept, the implementation was performed in close cooperation with the Loft Dynamics’s own Flight Simulation Training Device Organisation (FSTDO). The companies planed the construction of a modern room, which represents a state-of-the-art simulator centre at Meravo’s homebase. The entire qualification process was taken over by the FSTDO team. This has the big advantage that operators do not have to acquire the complex know how to qualify and run an FSTD under EASA regulation. “We are proud to offer helicopter operators and flight schools such a service enabling to put a qualified simulator into operation in a short time. It is always an enriching collaboration to realize the projects with the helicopter specialists,” Fabi Riesen, CEO of Loft Dynamics says.

Simulator Centre in the heart of Germany

The Training Device enables H125 pilots to receive credits towards a CPL, type ratings, as well as licence and operator proficiency checks. “In contrast to the real helicopter, emergency procedures can be trained and executed realistically on the Airbus approved device. This completely without any risk in an optimal learning environment, more cost efficient and even environmentally friendly,” Fabi Riesen comments. This in addition to a weather and daytime independent planning.

Training modules for the pilot’s needs

The VR Training Device with its 360° 3D panoramic view and a highly dynamic motion system enables to execute realistic scenario-based trainings to improve pilot competencies specifically. As customers from Loft Dynamics always profit from the latest developments, Meravo receives as well the lately implemented demonstration and upset recovery module. Trainings to prevent and recover from inadvertent instrumental meteorological conditions (IIMC) and a vortex ring state recovery lesson complement the applications. “All aviation experts confirm the benefit of our training solution to enhance flight safety, if the pilots train targeted on the device,” Fabi Riesen assures.

About Meravo Helicopters

Meravo-Luftreederei GmbH was founded in 1961 and is therefore one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the helicopter industry in Germany. The headquarter is located in Oedheim near Heilbronn (approx. 45 km north of Stuttgart), where Meravo maintains its own heliport with maintenance and repair centre. The company is also operating various bases in Germany and abroad. The fleet currently consists of 20 own helicopters of various types, with which most needs can be covered. All helicopters are serviced and maintained by the own PART 145 - licensed maintenance centre, which ensures the greatest possible safety and availability.


About Loft Dynamics

Loft Dynamics in Dübendorf, Switzerland, is the leading manufacturer of VR helicopter simulators in the world. The company consists of an innovative team of over 40 passionate engineers, highly specialised developers and dedicated aviation experts. The simulator's mechanics, all electronic circuits, as well as the software, are designed and developed internally by the company. Another strength is the own FSTDO and the company’s proximity to various flight schools and operators.