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Avoiding negative training

Train from the beginning the right thing. Scientific research has proven that it is essential to learn the right thing to be able the apply learned in situation under pressure or stress correctly.

Training and checking in the right helicopter

In the real helicopter it is mostly not possible to practice malfunctions realistically. Usually, action strategies and procedures are in trainings and checks only discussed or switches just touched without experiencing the effects. This might have the negative consequence that the pilot does not act as he should in an actual situation facing an unforeseen event. Such a training concept has as well the disadvantage that often only a fraction of the entire problem solving process is covered.

Training and checking on the Loft Dynamics training device

Executing training and checking on the realistic Loft Dynamics training device enables you to train and apply all procedures as described in the flight manual. This enables you to develop lasting entire action strategies to be prepared for any situation. This without any pressure concerning time and costs. The rounded-up pilot competencies help you developing the required resilience to operate safely.

I regularly train together with my experienced flight instructor in the Robinson R22 simulator to prepare myself for unforeseen situation and possible malfunctions. During the training of engine failures and the logical consequence of a full down autorotation the landings always were unsuccessful. Until my instructor recognised that I applied a left pedal input which I learned to do during autorotation with power recovery. A not adequate reflex I got used to during the countless trainings in the real helicopter. This shows me how valuable my simulator training is to internalize the correct reflexes.

Claudia Zürcher
Private Pilot