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Spotlight May 2023

The VR 360° and 3D view is incredibly lifelike to focus your visual references. Feel the movements and ground contact with our Highly Dynamic 6DoF Motion System. The Full Replica Cockpit together with the Loft Dynamics Pose Training System enables you to operate cockpit elements intuitively. From Safety Training, over Proficiency Checks to demanding Scenario Based Trainings, profit from the advantages of our EASA qualified training devices. Try it out! Fly Virtual. Train Real.

See the real

With our virtual reality training devices, you can enjoy a 360° and 3D view that is incredibly lifelike, allowing you to fly as accurately as you would in a real helicopter – even when close to the ground.

Feel the real

Our highly dynamic 6DoF motion system enables you to feel the same movements as you would in a real helicopter, including the contact of the skids when taking off, landing and operating on sloping surfaces.

Touch the real

Our full replica cockpit features all the required knobs, switches, and touch screens, allowing you to manipulate it as intuitively as you would in your own helicopter. Explore our unique Loft Dynamics Pose Training System.

Get the real

With its compact design, our virtual reality training device is affordable, highly realistic and can be installed at your own home base. Contact our sales team today to schedule a demonstration flight and experience it for yourself!

  • Learning Basic Maneuvers
  • Safety Training
  • Proficiency Checks
  • Type Rating
  • Scenario Based Trainings