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Flight Days 2023: Enthusiastic Simulator Pilots and Air Show at its Best

The Flight Days 2023 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Flugsportgruppe Zürcher Oberland showed aviation at its best. A variety of oldtimer aircrafts, the demonstration of the F/A18, the Super Puma and the dynamic show of the PC 7 Team made the event a great success. Loft Dynamics was present with the Airbus H125 VR Simulator and made it possible to try out the professional EASA qualified simulator. The enthusiasm was stunning! By Christoph Ammann, Airline Pilot and Flight Instructor, Loft Dynamics.

My flying home

After my private pilot training in New Zealand, the Speck airfield became my flying home. Here I gained flying hours and worked on my commercial pilot training. After one season as a full time employed flight instructor at this beautiful airfield, I had the opportunity to get into line flying. Today I am still working at the airfield as a freelance flight instructor. It was fantastic for me to be able to introduce the Loft Dynamics Simulator to the residents of the region.

I really enjoyed presenting our simulator in my and the home of Loft Dynamics. It seems important to me to show that world-class technology is developed and produced in the Zurich Oberland.

Christoph Ammann
Airline Pilot and Flight Instructor, Loft Dynamics

Incredibly realistic!

Already on the training day on Friday, many flight enthusiasts, as well as pilots, took the opportunity to try out our simulator. There was a choice of flying from the Speck airfield, taking off from the Air Zermatt heliport or flying in Bern. Thanks to the unique Flight Assistance of the Loft Dynamics Simulator, even laymen can experience helicopter flying step by step. This is because the "Virtual Flight Instructor" makes it possible to hand over individual controls to the pilots so that they can learn to operate them without being overwhelmed. This enables stress-free learning with original flight behavior and always leads to a sense of achievement. By Sunday evening, 84 people were able to experience helicopter flying up close as a "pilot" in a 20-minute session. The comments such as "Incredibly real, so cool, awesome" speak for themselves. Accordingly, the ratings after the flight were on the ultimate high side of the rating scale.

It was a satisfaction to receive all the positive feedback and see the beaming faces when the pilots took off their VR headset after the flight.

Daniel Riedweg
Simulator Operator at the flight days, Service Technician at Loft Dynamics

From laymen to experienced former military helicopter pilot

Laymen, as well as young people, who have helicopter or airline pilot as a career goal, over enthusiastic game simulator pilots up to the experienced former military helicopter pilot have tried the simulator and are particularly inspired by the 3-dimensional unrestricted view with high resolution. The movements of the highly dynamic platform were also mentioned again and again. The professional pilots were enthusiastic about the possibility to operate the cockpit elements as in reality.

It's impressive the sensitivity some people show when flying and how quickly some learn to fly the helicopter or even hover independently.

Samira Nunez
Simulator Operator at the flight days, Electronics Technician at Loft Dynamics

Flying for disadvantaged children

Loft Dynamics raised nearly CHF 3'000.- at the event. The donations of the simulator pilots go to the Petit Suisse Children's Foundation and are used 100% in the project "Child Poverty Switzerland". Petite Suisse officials are all volunteers, which maximizes the effectiveness of the aid.

"We are incredibly grateful to Loft Dynamics for their very valuable commitment to children in Switzerland. Child poverty is a reality. When parents are doing poorly financially, children suffer the most. Combating child poverty is one of the central concerns of Petite Suisse Child’s Foundation. The children's aid organization therefore does everything it can to improve basic health and education services and has been helping many children in Switzerland who are in need since 2007. We thank all donors from the bottom of our hearts for their generous donations." Anita Eichenberger, Managing Director of Petite Suisse Children's Foundation

We are incredibly grateful to Loft Dynamics for their very valuable commitment to children in Switzerland. Child poverty is a reality.

Anita Eichenberger
Managing Director of Petite Suisse Children's Foundation

Flight schools offer simulator trial flights

Interested parties have the opportunity to fly on the Robinson R22 at the Heli Academy in Dübendorf, and the Airbus H125 and Robinson R22 Loft Dynamics simulator at Mountainflyers in Bern. In Zermatt you can fly the Airbus H125 simulator and experience Air Zermatt up close. These are unforgettable experiences and not everyday gifts.


Photo by Daniel Riedweg © 2023