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Loft Dynamics' advanced simulators enable pilots to regularly train for abnormal situations in a safe environment at any time of the day. The specially developed modern training program for private pilots focuses on several crucial topics, significantly increasing flight safety by better preparing you for unforeseen events.

The pilot’s well being during simulator sessions is an important pillar for successful trainings. Loft Dynamics has optimized their devices by synchronizing the interaction of the visual and motion system to prevent malaise.

The Flight Days 2023 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Flugsportgruppe Zürcher Oberland showed aviation at its best. A variety of oldtimer aircrafts, the demonstration of the F/A18, the Super Puma and the dynamic show of the PC 7 Team made the event a great success. Loft Dynamics was present with the Airbus H125 VR Simulator and made…

Air Zermatt has always been at the forefront of innovation, developing various rescue techniques to save lives throughout its 55-year history. Now, the company has taken a significant step by utilizing their own Loft Dynamics Airbus H125 simulator for pilot training and checking at their home base in Zermatt. This further enhances the flight safety…


FAMEX 2023

Loft Dynamics exhibited the Airbus H125 virtual reality training device at the booth of Airbus Helicopters just next to the physical H125 helicopter for the first time. This allowed industry representatives from South America to experience the high quality of Loft Dynamics cutting-edge technology firsthand.

Train from the beginning the right thing. Scientific research has proven that it is essential to learn the right thing to be able the apply learned in situation under pressure or stress correctly.

The VR 360° and 3D view is incredibly lifelike to focus your visual references. Feel the movements and ground contact with our Highly Dynamic 6DoF Motion System. The Full Replica Cockpit together with the Loft Dynamics Pose Training System enables you to operate cockpit elements intuitively. From Safety Training, over Proficiency Checks to…

In cooperation with the Centre of Aviation of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Loft Dynamics conducted a scientific research project to evaluate the benefits of the VR Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) for basic helicopter pilot training. It has been demonstrated that PPL maneuvers can be learned on the simulator and transferred to…

Loft Dynamics, formerly VRM Switzerland, goes global with the world's first — and only — qualified VR Full-Motion Simulator. By Treena Hein

It is important that you as customer can take the maximum advantage out of your EASA qualified VR training device. Loft Dynamics meets this need by creating a 100% position: From now on Reto Ammann, will support you with his knowledge to benefit from the high potential of the simulator for pilot training and checking.