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Loft Dynamics and Cisco spread helicopter flight atmosphere for professionals and flight enthusiasts at CONNECTED23

CONNECTED23 is an event to experience, comprehend and understand digitalization and cyber in the Swiss Armed Forces. It takes place from 16 to 20 August 2023 at Kloten-Bülach Weapons Range. Cisco invites you to their “Heli Pad Bistro” to enjoy regional food. Loft Dynamics is on site to present the realistic cutting-edge VR Helicopter Simulator. Army representatives, politician and the public are welcome to enjoy the hospitality and to learn about the new technology for more effective, affordable and environmentally friendly training concepts.

Co-creation of leading companies

Loft Dynamics is a market leader producing high quality VR helicopter simulators for professional pilot training. The company is the first and still only which has qualified such devices with an aviation authority. The entire system was evaluated by Airbus Helicopters factory instructors, test pilots and several experienced professional pilots. The VR headset gives the pilot a 3D panoramic view which is essential to accurately control the helicopter close to the ground. A motion system provides the feeling of flying and a full replica cockpit combined with the Loft Dynamics Pose Training System allows to operate cockpit controls intuitively as in reality. This VR simulator allows to train basic maneuvers to learn to fly a helicopter realistically as the flight behavior is based on flight data provided by the helicopter manufacturer.

Cisco was founded to connect people. Cisco laid the foundation for the Internet, developing the world's first multi-protocol network router in 1986.

We still follow this approach - our global reputation as a leader in Internet protocol-based networking comes directly from this core area of our business. Meanwhile, our range of offerings has evolved far beyond switches and routers. Cisco provides robust tools, software, and professional services in cybersecurity, data center & cloud, Internet of Things, and mobility, to name a few. We answer customer needs holistically with a platform-centric approach to ensure that everything we deliver supports customer strategy and delivers business value. Only a secure network forms the basis for successful digital transformation.

Cisco invites you to their “Heli Pad Bistro” to enjoy drinks and light food.

Advantages compared to helicopter training

Training in the simulator protects the environment and prevents noise emissions. Another advantage is that pilots can realistically train for emergencies, which is only possible to a limited extent and with increased risk in a real helicopter. Additionally, compared to existing full flight simulators (FFS), the simulator allows for learning even basic maneuvers, like hovering, that can be applied with the same level of proficiency in an actual helicopter. These benefits not only save costs but also enhance flight safety.

Try it out!

Loft Dynamics presents it Airbus H125 in a mobile trailer version. Visitors can test fly the simulator in a 20 minute session. No previous flying experience is necessary, as the system has a built-in "synthetic flight instructor" which allows for gradual learning. Flying is possible from the age of 16. Try it out! Fly Virtual. Train Real.