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Loft Dynamics was presenting their VR simulator used for professional pilot training to the public at the SHA Helicopter Day

On the first "Helicopter Day" organized by the Swiss Helicopter Association (SHA), helicopter bases in Switzerland opened their hangar doors. Employees of the helicopter industry showcased their skills and provided insights into the exciting and dynamic everyday operations. As a member of SHA, Loft Dynamics exhibited their EASA-qualified Airbus H125 training device in Raron at Air Zermatt. This event coincided with Air Zermatt's 55th anniversary celebration, offering the public the opportunity to learn about professional state-of-the-art simulator training. Interested individuals could experience the realism of the simulation firsthand.

Helicopters play a crucial role in Switzerland's public services

National Council President Martin Candinas, who is also the President of the Swiss Helicopter Association, emphasized in an SHA press release the importance of the helicopter industry in Switzerland. "The people in this country appreciate the dedication of the industry, whose teams operate seven days a week and sometimes at night to transport the sick and injured, search for missing persons, extinguish forest fires, or protect roads and winter sports areas from avalanches." Candinas also highlighted that the significance of the helicopter industry extends beyond the health and safety sector. SAC huts, construction sites in high mountains, the management of protection forests, inspections of power and gas lines, and particularly demanding installation work all rely on helicopters. "Helicopters perform missions in the mountains, on the Swiss Plateau, and even in cities that would be impossible without them. They are indispensable for Switzerland's population and tourism."

Loft Dynamics contributes to safe helicopter operations

By employing virtual reality technology combined with a highly dynamic motion system and a full replica cockpit, pilots can experience flying like in a real helicopter, learning to fly or perfecting maneuvers. Emergency procedures can be trained more realistically than in an actual helicopter, completely without any risk. An additional benefit of simulator training is the reduction of training flights in real helicopters, which helps protect the environment. Loft Dynamics simulators operate on electricity. Air Zermatt pilots train and complete their annual proficiency checks using the own EASA-qualified training device located at their base in Zermatt. In Switzerland, Mountainflyers in Bern and Heli Academy in Dübendorf also operate Loft Dynamics simulators.

SHA Helicopter Day: A success

According to SHA, 27’000 guests visited the 18 open helicopter bases throughout Switzerland. Over 6’000 interested individuals visited Air Zermatt and explored the company's capabilities. They had the opportunity to engage with Air Zermatt employees and experience their spirit up close. Guests could also enjoy scenic flights in Airbus H125 helicopters. Air Zermatt Rescue teams demonstrated the equipment and explained their daily work. In addition to conveying fascination for the simulator technology and flying, the Loft Dynamics team raised with their presence a considerable amount for a charitable cause.


(c) pictures by Air Zermatt / Bruno Kalbermatten