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Fascination VR Simulator Flying: Excited Pilots at CONNECTED

In co-creation with Cisco, we showcased our Airbus H125 in the Trailer Version at CONNECTED. Approximately 100 individuals left our professional training device excited and surprised by the high quality of this realistic simulation.

Industry representatives, test pilots, army and civilian pilots had the opportunity to experience how flying feels in a cutting-edge technology simulator with unrestricted 360-degree high-resolution 3D vision. They could manipulate switches, touchscreens and a virtual tablet in a VR environment as easily as in real life. Sensing the helicopter's movements generated by the highly dynamic motion system completed the immersion in the virtual world.

I was touched by the visit of Mrs. Lieutenant Nunez, who was exhibiting a radar station with her platoon. In her civilian life, she works as an electronics technician and is part of the Loft Dynamics team.

Christoph Ammann
Airline Pilot and Flight Instructor, Loft Dynamics

The hospitality in the beautiful atmosphere of the Cisco Heli Pad Bistro rounded up the flight experience, where our guests enjoyed drinks and hot dogs.

I was deeply impressed by the realistic replication of the helicopter’s flight behavior and the simulation of aerodynamical effects, for example translational lift. I was even able to test a hydraulic failure scenario and experience the corresponding forces on the flight controls. The haptic feedback while performing cockpit tasks generally felt lifelike, and the presentation of landmarks for identifying entry and exit routes at the airport was remarkably accurate.

Kai Holtmann
Helicopter Pilot

Book a session at one of the training centers, where Loft Dynamics simulators are in operation, or visit us at European Rotors in Madrid from November 27th to 30th, 2023, to get your own impression! Fly Virtual. Train Real.