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Flight Simulation Training Device Organisation (FSTDO)


Just use your device! We take care of everything else.

Loft Dynamics runs its own FSTDO to provide customers a full service to operate their simulator. This allows to have a state-of the-art training device without having to care about the processes. Thus, flight schools and helicopter operators can focus on their core competencies. The EASA qualified FSTDO allows Loft Dynamics to operate qualified devices which enables to credit time towards flight training for PPL(H), CPL(H) and Night flying.

Main steps towards an enhanced flight safety by using the Loft Dynamics Training Solution:

  1. Contact our sales specialists to verify your use case
  2. The FSTDO experts evaluate together with our team the fundamentals like location and environment to operate the simulator.
  3. The simulator is shipped to your base.
  4. Our FSTDO team supports you to implement the simulator training in your syllabi.
  5. Loft Dynamics takes over the qualification of the device under EASA oversight.
  6. Thereafter the training of your onsite technician and instructors is provided by the FSTDO training team to enable a high-quality flight training.
  7. All the required IT tools and support to operate the device is provided.
  8. Steady updates to keep the simulator always on the newest technology standards are included in the service package
To run a qualified Flight Simulation Training Device requires a lot of background knowledge and administrative work. We are happy to take this off our customers' hands to enable them operating a simulator on their own helicopter base.

Fabi Riesen

Founder & CEO, Loft Dynamics